Alfalfa Hay

Known as the “Queen of Hay” due to its high feeding value, alfalfa is primarily used as a feed for high producing dairy cows. Because of its high protein content and highly digestible fiber it is also suitable for beef cattle, horses, sheep and goats.

Timothy Hay

Timothy Grass Hay is rapidly becoming a very popular hay forage across the world. It is commonly grown for cattle feed and, in particular, as hay for horses. It is relatively high in fiber. It is considered part of the standard mix for grass hay and provides quality nutrition for horses.

Fescue Straw

Fescue is a highly nutritious stock feed for livestock as it provides a good source of roughage and contains good levels of protein as well. It is a lower cost alternative to hay.

Perennial Straw

Highly palatable and nutritious for feed to livestock as well as a lower cost alternative to hay.

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